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Hey there, I'm Matias Pan, a Software Engineer and Computer Engineering student living in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Big fan of Rugby, Computer Science stuff and snowboarding.

Work Experience

Rails developer & Open source Moderator - The Odin Project (2014 - Present)

As a Rails developer I was on the team that rebuilt the web application from scratch using Rails 4.2 and several other technologies. As an Open source moderator I was one of the maintainers of student submissions and a Technical Assistant for them.

Junior PHP Developer - Scalable Path (2014 - 2015)

As a Junior PHP Developer I was on the team that developed Tempo, an online web application(built with php, as you'd guess) for managing work groups inside the company, the app feature timesheets submission, chats campfire style, per-user authentication and more.

Freelance Developer - (2013 - 2015)

In this period of time I developed various Websites and web applications as a Freelance. You can find more about them here

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Latest Projects

the odin project

TOP - Learn Web Development for Free

This is an online open-source resource for learning full-stack web development. It's completely open-source and it has 7 courses, from basic web development to how to get hired as a web developer. It's awesome!! Try it out!!

Find out more website

Antonio Pan e Hijos main website

I designed the website from scratch, using CSS3 and Bootstrap.

this web app

This web app

I built this web application using Golang, Google App Engine and the blog go package modifed slightly by me.

odin book

Odin book

Clone of Facebook with core features of it: users, profiles, "friending", posts, news feed, liking and commenting. It also has implemented sign-in with the real Facebook using Omniauth and Devise.

Other Projects

TAQ Compiler Open Source

For a University class, Trorik23 and myself, we created an Assembly-like language with the corresponding compiler which generates a program ready to be used by a VHDL simple compiler.

Java version: View on GitHub

Golang version: View on GitHub

Fix it Felix Open Source

A Java version of the Wreck it ralph fix it felix game made by Disney.

View on GitHub

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